End of Line Automation, Materials Handling & Industrial Washing Systems

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Goliath is partner to Newsmith Stainless & Oliver Douglas in the Irish market and offers a comphrensive range of washing equipment to suit every application.

Product Types:
Pallets, trays, boxes, crates, bottles, jars, glasses, dolavs, eurobins, containers, utensils, cages, gloves, bins, freezer spacers, drums & IBC’s etc.

Our Cabinet range of industrial washing machines are economical and ideally suited to lower volume cleaning for the catering and food preparation industry.

We aim to build a relationship with our customers and provide a complete package from design to manufacture to installation and after-sales support. Our success has been built on a commitment to quality, competitive pricing and versatility in meeting customers’ needs. We will continue to increase our product range and maintain the evolution and the design of these machines by reacting quickly to the requirements of our customers.

The main sectors of industry we supply are:

  • Bakery and Food Manufacture
  • Confectionery and Chocolate
  • Meat and Fish Processing
  • Beverages and Dairy
  • Automotive and Engineering components
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Distribution Systems
  • Waste Handling System

Recent Projects

High Speed Automatic Pack Collator & Cartoner

High Speed Automatic Pack Collator & Cartoner

Goliath recently installed an Automatic Conveying, Collating and Cartoning System designed to handle 136 juice packs per minute. Packs are stacked, inverted and collated in to 4’s before automatic cartoning, gluing and return to upright position. This is another example of Goliath’s expertise in automated product handling and successful project delivery.

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