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Case / Tray Erecting
Goliath offers case / tray erecting solutions in the following formats depending on your output requirements, desired level of operator involvement, budget and available floorspace.

Case Erecting Semi Automatic: Flap Folding Pack-out Stations – See Video
Case Erecting Automatic:
 With optional bottom case sealing (Tape or Glue) – See Video
Compact Tray Erecting      

BE-2300AS Case erector with integrated AHS Case erector with integrated hot-melt bottom sealing.

Case Packing
Goliath is proud to present its range of high speed case packing equipment, custom designed to meet the specific requirements of our food and pharmaceutical customers. Capable of handling the complete spectrum of primary packages, tubs, cartons, bags, bottles & bundles, the Goliath Case Packing programme offers top loading, side loading & wrap-around solutions to satisfy this critical, labour intensive element of your production cycle.

Goliath works with the following international partners T Freemantle and Pester to bring the best global expertise in this specialist field to our Food and Pharma customers:

Goliath Food
T Freemantle offers complete case packing systems for top loading products, either horizontally or vertically into the intermediate or final shipper. Their proven standard line contains the flexibility and versatility to case-pack almost any bag, carton, tub or flexible package in almost any configuration. Furthermore, if the specifications of a particular project exceed the parameters of Freemantle’s standard line, a customised solution will normally be presented.

The robotic pick-&-place packing head gently vacuum picks accumulated product and places the product into the shipper. This low maintenance servo system eliminates the risk of poor product orientation or product damage associated with most drop style packers. Multiple product types and sizes can be packed on one system with simple, quick, and easy change-over. Optional case and product check devices are available in addition to case forming and sealing. The Freemantle system operates with either hot melt glue or pressure sensitive tape sealing. Despite the many standard and optional features, the Freemantle equipment range is particularly compact, requiring the minimum amount of your valuable floorspace. See Video –  Robotic Top Load Case Packer


Goliath Pharma
Pester are an internationally known provider of specialist pharmaceutical packaging equipment with a focus on the automation of complete production lines through machines of the highest design, quality and precision. The Pester case-packing range incorporates side & top loading solutions as applicable to your specific requirements. Coupled with a complimentary suite of film wrapping, banding & palletising equipment, Pester delivers the ‘complete package’.


Let Goliath’s compact design, reliability & repeatability do the work for you!

Recent Projects

High Speed Automatic Pack Collator & Cartoner

High Speed Automatic Pack Collator & Cartoner

Goliath recently installed an Automatic Conveying, Collating and Cartoning System designed to handle 136 juice packs per minute. Packs are stacked, inverted and collated in to 4’s before automatic cartoning, gluing and return to upright position. This is another example of Goliath’s expertise in automated product handling and successful project delivery.

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